Alpine as docker host

Alpine is a super small linux distribution. I am using it for all my new VMs running a docker instance. Install alpine Download alpine (virtual edition) ISO from https://alpinelinux.org/downloads/ Boot ISO and login with root and no password. Start setup with setup-alpine command and follow instructions Add SSH Key Install docker Enable edge-community repository. Shell […]

Asterisk with fail2ban

I recently started to add some security features to my asterisk server. One was adding a fail2ban jail. Because I have asterisk running inside of docker, I mounted my log folder and changed fail2ban (installed on my docker host itself) to use the message file (in my case: /opt/asterisk/log/messages) . Start by editing /etc/fail2ban/jail.d/asterisk.conf: Fail2ban […]


Useful commands Remove dangling images docker rmi $(docker images –quiet –filter “dangling=true”) Update Composer Project Dependencies docker run –rm -ti -v $PWD:/app -v /home/anton/.ssh/:/root/.ssh composer update –ignore-platform-reqs –no-scripts echo “” > $(docker inspect –format='{{.LogPath}}’ <container_name_or_id>)