Stop reloading your browser by hand anytime your css, js or template re-renders. Try using Browsersync.  I really started loving this tool. Everytime your sass or js gets compiled or you simply changed one thing in your template, browsersync detects the file change and simply reloads your page. One nice extra is that css is […]

Smart doorbell

A while ago I started to build a smart home integration for my door bell. The system I had to play with is a Ritto digital bus called Twinbus. But after some research I figured out that my Ritto intercom has some awesome pinouts on the circuit board. Things needed soldering iron some wires hot […]

Serial problems with Ubuntu?

One of my main problems while connecting to a serial device was a software called ModemManager which automatically opened a connection to my devices on plug-in. The solution was to disable or remove ModemManager since I never used one of these old dialup modems with my PCs anyways. Remove ModemManager: apt-get purge modemmanager or simply […]