VS Code personalizations

This list contains some of my personal settings and optimizations I normally use in VS Code. Show whitespaces VS Code 1.6.0 and Greater As mentioned by aloisdg below, editor.renderWhitespace is now an enum taking either none, boundary or all. To view all whitespaces: Before VS Code 1.6.0 Before 1.6.0, you had to set editor.renderWhitespace to true: Source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/30140595/show-whitespace-characters-in-visual-studio-code Lint .vue files Add the following part […]

Asterisk with fail2ban

I recently started to add some security features to my asterisk server. One was adding a fail2ban jail. Because I have asterisk running inside of docker, I mounted my log folder and changed fail2ban (installed on my docker host itself) to use the message file (in my case: /opt/asterisk/log/messages) . Start by editing /etc/fail2ban/jail.d/asterisk.conf: Fail2ban […]