My first ever solo skydive

I am Anton Bracke, a computer science student currently doing my masters at the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim. In my free time I like to do crazy things and working on different projects. I am interested in OSS, web-development, …, but honestly in everything that is related to the cutting edge of technology or just sounds interesting.

Projects I am working on

I love working on OSS

You will find most of my projects on Github. I am working on a lot of different projects, but here are some of the ones most important to me:

Woodpecker CI

Woodpecker CI is a free and open source continuous integration server written in Go. It is designed to be easy to use and highly customizable. It is a self-hosted alternative to services like Drone CI, Github Actions or Gitlab CI. I started to work on this project in early 2021 by rewriting the UI and since then I became a core maintainer of the project. By adding parts like an autoscaler me and the rest of the amazing group of contributors are developing a serious CI solution which is already used by some pretty large companies, organizations and quite a few hobbyists.

  • +3,2k stars (Nov 2023)
  • My role: core maintainer
  • Techstack: Go, Vue 3, CI / CD, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Linux, Windows, MacOS
  • Source

Kiel Live

Kiel Live - What started with a student being cold while waiting for the bus in rainy winters in Kiel, became one of my favorite projects. Kiel Live is a free and open source app for public transport. It is available for Android and allows its users to see the current live position and time of arrival of busses in Kiel. It is used by hundreds every day and a great example of how a small open source side project can be used to improve the life of people.

  • ~150-300 active users per day (Nov 2023)
  • Downloaded from Google Playstore ~1,3k times (Nov 2023)
  • My role: owner
  • Techstack: Vue 3, Android, Go, Nats, Node.js Docker, MapLibre
  • Source

Online Terminbuch

Online Terminbuch - My dad is a doctor and back in November 2016 he asked me if we could have something like a digital version of his appointments calendar. Since then this project converted from a good old PHP site, to a proper app. It got some pretty nifty features like a popup with the name of a calling patient, an import of the patient details from the doctors software and a lot more which I am quite proud of. Recently I’ve added some text-message appointment reminders and a chat assistant. Via the chat patients can get an appointment. The chat is powered by OpenAI and langchain.

  • My role: owner
  • Techstack: Vue.js, Nuxt, Node.JS, Pocketbase, Go, Electron.JS, langchain, OpenAI, Hugo, dBase III and Visual FoxPro (I know that db is from the 90s 😅)


Working at Geprog we developed an app to allow users to book things like tables, conference rooms or even tent places on a map in a modern looking app. We called the tool Bookyp for “Book your place” easily.

  • My role: previously developer, now project lead
  • Techstack: Vue 3, Node.js (feathersjs,, expressjs), CapacitorJS (Android & iOS app), Kubernetes, Helm


At Geprog we wanted to use an european payment service for one of our SAAS tools and decided to use mollie. However as mollie was lacking some features we needed, we decided to build our own payment gateway. Over the time it developed into a full fledged payment service gateway and it even got its own UI recently.

  • My role: core maintainer
  • Techstack: OpenAPI / Swagger, fastify, Postgres, Nuxt, Vitest
  • Source


Do you know that captains on ships need to write down every tiny action like “We released a tug boat” in a logbook? Well, I didn’t either until I started to work on eLog. eLog is a tool to digitalize large scale A3 tables. You can’t imagine how often they couldn’t read their own handwriting or spilled coffee over it. The web-app we developed opens up some pretty cool possibilities like automatically log records with gps location and by having an offline mode even the mechanic in the engine room can use it.

  • My role: previously product owner, now developer mainly supporting my fabulous colleagues via pair-programming
  • Techstack: Vue 2 (SPA), Node.js (feathersjs,, expressjs)

Some side projects