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Passionate about Cloud hosted Web-Apps. Loves programming in JS and building small iot device with C.
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My name is Anton and I’m an software engineering student from Kiel, Germany.

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  • OpenCV 4 + Windows + Mingw + VSCode
    Installing OpenCV 4 on Linux is difficult, but can be done. On Windows it took me hours to get it working. Download VS Codemingw-w64OpenCV 4.1.1 (mingw edition)set_env.bat Installation install opencvextract opencv[…].zipcopy to D:\OpenCV\install vscodeVSCodeUserSetup-[…].exeinstall cpp-tools in vscodectrl + shift + xsearch for: "c++"install "c/c++" from Microsoftinstall mingwmingw-w64-install.exe – install to … Read more
  • Make your Blog: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
    These interests are the main reasons for many blog authors to switch to static site generators like Jekyll or Hugo. Performance and security is always a thing you should be aware of when hosting a website, but I am feeling comfortable with the WordPress right now and my guest authors … Read more
  • Droplet – Evolve your FreeStyle Libre to a CGM
    The Droplet is a new small bridge released in July 2019 to evolve a FreeStyle Libre sensor (FGM – Flash Glucose-Monitoring) to a Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system. The Droplet reads the current glucose value every 5 minutes from the Libre via NFC and sends it by Bluetooth Low Energy … Read more
  • Sniffing your phone’s traffic
    Checking your phone's network traffic is often very interesting. I usually use mitmproxy for that. You can simply install it as a docker container and just need to change your phone's proxy settings. docker run –rm -it -p 8080:8080 -p mitmproxy/mitmproxy mitmweb –web-iface There is a super handy … Read more
  • VS Code personalizations
    This list contains some of my personal settings and optimizations I normally use in VS Code. Show whitespaces VS Code 1.6.0 and Greater As mentioned by aloisdg below, editor.renderWhitespace is now an enum taking either none, boundary or all. To view all whitespaces: "editor.renderWhitespace": "all", Before VS Code 1.6.0 Before 1.6.0, you had to set editor.renderWhitespace to true: "editor.renderWhitespace": true … Read more